Sotto ad ogni mescola PMG c’è un grande know-how

For over 40 years PMG has been a leading manufacturer of compounds based on special high technology elastomers.
Constantly evolving thanks to its Research & Development Centre, PMG provides highly qualified and specialized customized solutions.

Constantly evolving on the European market, thanks to the new production site in Timisoara, Romania, PMG is creating a strong global presence that is always a step closer to customers’ needs.

With the new opening of the Chinese Factory, PMG is strengthening its presence on the Asian market while maintaining the same qualitative standards resulting from its many years of experience in the field.

La nostra storia

Originally, in 1954, the Company produced moulded articles. Later it began specializing in rubber/metal articles and, in 1967, the first mixing department for domestic consumption was opened.

When it was decided in 1967 to close the moulding department, PMG SpA was founded with the aim of producing compounds for third parties. Subsequently, it was decided to split the production into two distinct lines: one for general purpose elastomers and another for special rubber.

Today PMG is a leader in the Italian market of fluoroelastomer, and is one of the top five suppliers in Europe. PMG has the experience to meet customer’s expectations with technically advanced elastomers and special compounds, designed to meet strict specifications which include sophisticated tests mainly for the automotive sector.