For the Automotive Industry PMG is specialized in the production of compounds for the moulding of technical goods for under-the-hood applications, such as O-rings, seals and gaskets, anti-vibration systems, extruded hoses for fuel and oil conduction. All the compounds offer the highest performance in terms of resistance to high temperatures, mechanical deformation and chemical resistance to the most aggressive fluids such as lubricating oils and the most recent ecological fuels with added alcohols and of vegetable origin.
Products are available that meet the most modern and advanced technical specifications required by the most qualified car manufacturers.


In the Industrial sector PMG is at the forefront in the production of compounds for gaskets and sealing systems for the chemical industry, the household appliance industry, for valves and mechanical seals for machine tools and seals for pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Finishing and Packaging

PMG pays absolute attention to the complete satisfaction of the customer, which indeed includes the types of product physical form aimed at simplifying customer production processes as much as possible.

The PMG organization is therefore aimed at maximum flexibility to produce finished compounds according to the most complex customer needs such as:

  • precut wig-wag sheets
  • rolls with precut stripes
  • individually packed coils
  • endless stripes
  • extruded profiles
  • cords with different diameters
  • granulated compounds