For the Automotive Industry PMG is specialized in the production of compounds for technical goods for under-the-hood applications, like O-rings, gasket and seals, membranes, antivibration mounts and hoses for fuels and oils. All compounds provide the best mechanical behaviour and excellent resistance to aggressive oils and new generation fuels, required by the most demanding specifications.


In the generic Industrial sector we produce compounds for applications in the Chemical Industry, for Households and Appliances and sealing systems for Industrial Machinery.


Compound physical form and packaging is of great importance to satisfy customers’ specific needs and production requirements.

PMG has developed high flexibility in the packaging lines to provide its products with a variety of forms and shapes:
• precut wig-wag sheets
• rolls with precut stripes
• coils individually packed
• endless stripes
• extruded profiles
• cords with different diameters
• granulated compound