The General Management of PMG Group

  • aware of the need to consolidate the Company’s position in the industry in which it operates
  • considering the market evolution towards an ever-increasing competitiveness
  • having assessed the need to develop its commitment in operations with an increasingly advanced technological content, in respecting the environment and continuously improving the protection thereof

aims to maintain and improve a Company Management System, in accordance with standards 9001, 14001 and IATF, which involves the organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes and services, resources available in a sustainable manner towards the environment and all interested parties. The company’s management system is strongly customer-oriented and requirements and focuses on continuous improvement, emphasizing failure prevention, reduction of variations and reduction of waste in the supply chain.


Adequacy of the Company Management System will be achieved through:

  • the checks of the quality requirements for each company process
  • examining the duties and rules to follow in order to meet those requirements
  • the planning of checking actions for testing at each stage, fulfilment of the requirements
  • identification and reduction of environmental impacts, taking into account the direct environmental aspects and also indirect aspects related to the suppliers and supply chain of the materials used and produced.
  • keeping the PMG Group sites(Italy, Romania, China) in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • preventing pollution by planning and designing, producing, processing and recycling products, minimizing negative environmental impacts.
  • taking the environmental aspects into account during any renovations of the sites.
  • reducing energy consumption in any form and optimizing natural resources by reducing water consumption and generated waste.
  • communication with customers and suppliers to improve combined environmental management.
  • implementing a measurement system to verify continuous improvement of the following aspects: water consumption, quantity of waste, noise, emissions into the air, microclimate, electricity.


Annually, before finalizing the objectives plan, Management verifies the need to adapt the Company Policy to the Company’s and the Customer’s new requirements.


From the Customer’s point of view, improving products and services means:

  • improving Quality, i.e. rationalizing the work of those who, through their efforts, can contribute to reaching the goal. The Company System, set up by PMG Group is also a document tool of company processes and rules of good behaviour (clarity of tasks and responsibilities) that all workers must apply.
  • Improving the Service, i.e. offering:

– “external” Customers, readiness in operations and demonstrated technical competence

– “inside” Customers (i.e. those who use the work of others), the best conditions to do their jobs well

  • Reducing the overall cost of the final product by reducing the cost of “non-quality” in every production stage.


To reach the goals that the Company has set, it is necessary to activate and maintain the following tools:

  • The formalization of targets to reach and actions to be implemented for key business Functions
  • Training of company personnel (information, involvement, training)
  • A checking system and company process management that enables the monitoring and management thereof with a view to continuous improvement.

The company has also adopted the 231 organizational model related supervisory body to ensure the implementation of the company guidelines regarding the offences contained in it, compliance with the requirements of the code of ethics respect for the human person, loyalty, dignity, morality, Correctness in personal relationships, integration and cross-functional collaboration, a sense of responsibility and respect for hierarchical and functional relationships.

Cenate, 18nd Apr 2023 (Rev. 2)
General Management

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